Handwoven Paisley Jamavar Shawl

Handwoven Paisley Jamavar Shawl

SKU: 4f2e38b9

Wrap yourself in luxury with the Paisley Jamavar Shawl. Softly woven using pashmina wool, it features a classic paisley design with Indian motifs and patterns used in many spiritual traditions. The size, warmth, and comfort of this shawl offer a soothing effect. Ideal for meditation, as it's large enough to cover your entire body during your practice and helps practitioners focus more deeply on and retain the sacred vibrations that make meditation more peaceful.

Amazingly soft, warm and lightweight, they're a stand out addition to anyone's wardrobe and when wrapped around the shoulder are not only a mere haute couture products but a personal style statement.

Each shawl is unique in design and color. Made in India. Crafted with pashmina wool. Care: dry clean only. Dimensions: 74 inches x 27 inches.


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